We are based in Scotland with a love for interiors and all things design related. We know that sometimes when you look at your own home it can be daunting to know where to start, so we have created a new collection of interior furniture, lighting and accessories which are easily accessible and at various price points to help you with the process. Some brands you will have heard of and others possibly not, but we are here to help and chat about any questions or advice you need.

We also get involved in branding projects and collaborate with other designers which is where our name got its inspiration. If you are a designer we would also love to hear from you and see what we can do to help out via trade pricing and make your projects extra special.

Modutti was an ancient trading harbour on the northern coast of Sri Lanka which formed a hub between the east and the west during the roman empire. Our aim at Modutti Ltd is form strong bonds between furniture, lighting and accessory brands and their audience by supplying homewares and creating collaborations between designers whenever possible. 

Geographically and culturally Scotland and Sri Lanka may seem to be very far apart, but the two countries have a fascinating shared history, read more at www.scotland.org


With over 15 years experience in both interior design and ecommerce/tech, we have extensive access to different products, as well a database of links with interior designers, and we always love to introduce people. So if you have an interior project you are looking to undertake please get in touch as we can recommend and connect you with designers in your area.

We also strongly believe in giving something back, and we donate a % of our profit to a selection of charities which you help us choose (via email poll, which can be accessed within our newsletter sign up). you can see our current charities here.

If you are a new brand we are happy to talk through options to join our platform contact us via

email: info@modutti.com

te: +44 (0)330 133 2819

Wendy J Clark (founder)


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