Instagram is a truly inspirational space to find amazing interiors and stylish homes across the globe.

@moduttihome we love to find our daily inspiration fix and also showcase the amazing talents we find. During the lockdown of 2020, we have been truly dazzled by the wealth of images and creative expertise.

For July/August, we would like to highlight some of our favourite accounts from specific designers, manufacturers and influencers (go give them a follow if you don't already).

So, in no particular order since we think they are all super talented...


1. Damien Langlois-Meurinne Studio


Based in Paris, this refined and extremely talented design studio is headed by Damien Langlois-Meurinne. One of France's leading interior designers/interior architects, he is defined as 'a creator of Haute Couture furniture and spaces' which perfectly sums up the blend between fashion, art and home.

Style summary: Timeless lines with a mix of sophistication and simplicity.


2. Jimmie Martin


London based award-winning luxury furniture/art and interior design global brand by the Swedish duo Jimmie and Martin. This dynamic design studio creates unique one-off pieces of designer furniture, designer lighting and homeware as well as bespoke interiors for clients across the world. They are also listed as one of the world’s 100 leading interior designers by the Andrew Martin, Interior Design Review, Volume 22

Style summary: Edgy cool with a frivolous kick of punk/rock-n-roll.


3. Widell + Boschetti


These ladies literally do not stop, their Instagram is a delight of superb ongoing projects. Working out of Philadelphia, Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti have created the perfect pairing and design lush innovative spaces. Their use of unusual products and custom design furniture is some of the best we have seen. 

Style summary: Super sharp mix of styles matched together in surprising and stylish ways.


4. Studio Gathe


Studio Gathe is an Oslo based Interior Architect who this year has pretty much set the bar for the 'New Nordic' trend that has emerged. Characterised by rich dark dramatic interiors whilst remaining true to the original design principles of quality and curation, she has been featured in numerous interior magazines.

Style summary: New Nordic with effortless style


5. Lori Morris


A creative tour-de-force (in their own words) the House of LMD is out to reinvent the standard of design. With some absolutely swoon-worthy designs, they have a strong style aesthetic and are a team that boldly combines contemporary with classic and is not afraid to make a statement.

Style summary: Opulence and grandeur with a sensory style.


6. Fabrice Juan


An architect and interior designer, Fabrice Juan creates the purest of French style interiors in a modern way. He works with a renowned team of skilled artisans and creates some exceptional interiors which we love to see.

Style summary: 'The French art of living' with modern precision and detail.


7. Art Partner Architects


Artpartner design studio is one of the oldest interior design studios in Kiev. They pride themselves on providing an extremely high quality of service. Some exceptional work on display.

Style summary: Contemporary modern design with an architectural foundation.


8. Roman Plyus



Roman Plyus is a designer based in Moscow, Russia with a  worldwide clientele and has been working as an interior architect since 2014. His interiors are instantly recognizable and also feature his unique bespoke furniture and lighting designs.

Style summary: Very instagrammable, sensitive but strong character interiors


9. John Jacob Interiors


Based in Cape Town, South Africa John Jacob Interiors work internationally creating awe-inspiring bespoke interiors. With a holistic and harmonious approach to design, schemes are finished to engage the senses with no detail left undone.

Style summary: Layered textural interiors with sleek modern design (but like all good designers John can also create fabulous classic or historically styled interiors).


10. Studio Arthur Casas


With architectural and interior design offices in são paulo and new york, Studio Arthur Casas are one of the big guns with an array of high quality international residential and commercial projects under their belts. Regularly featured in magazines they aim to create living, welcoming and empathic spaces for all clients.

Style summary: Seamless and considered interiors with relaxed architectural chic.


11. Claude Cartier Design


The interior design agency Claude Cartier Studio grew from an original furniture showroom in Lyon, and now completes stunning interior design projects which regularly feature in the press. With a flair for interesting colour combinations and bold large scale designs we simply love browsing this Instagram account.

Style summary: Decorative and artistic eclecticism with a French ethos.


12. Hirsch Bedner Associates


One of the worlds leading interior design brands, Hirsch Bedner have a design pedigree to be envied. So we let the facts speak for themselves...

  • 52 Years of Designing Hotels
  • 1500+ Completed Projects in Over 80 Countries
  • More than 200 global design awards won in the past decade

...followed by a 'Mic drop'.

Style summary: Luxury design at the very top of their game but still young, stylish, dynamic & fun


13. Casa Botelho


'Masculine glamour' is how João Botelho sums up the Casa Botelho brand. Working in both interiors and product design, the furniture produced by this brand is of the highest quality. Combining lavish finishes and bold geometric prints in rich moody tones, it is all about symmetry and structure and we love it. 

Style summary: Masculine glamour with industrial chic undertones.


14. Gori & Yoon Architecture


Based in Firenze, Italy, Gori&Yoon blend the different cultures with their collected experiences and skills to design beautiful spaces based on simplicity of shapes with a sophisticated and elegant twist, creating a distinctive mark.

Style summary: Traditional modernity of functionality and elegance.


15. Quadro Room


A Moscow based interior design practice who are creating some super stylish spaces. With smooth lines and tactile natural surfaces combined with sparkling metals, each interior they produce looks inviting and relaxing.

Style summary: Refined luxe design that isn't overloaded with details or colour.


16. The New Design Project


Based out of Brookyln, NYC, the New Design group creates interiors for homeowners, commercial businesses & the hospitality sector. With a smooth style and fun vibe, we think they are one to watch this year.

Style summary: relaxed but considered interiors with a young at heart style.


17. Benjamin Johnston Design


Based in Houston Texas, Benjamin Johnston Design create classic, curated and cool interiors. This award-winning design practice is a master at allowing their client's personality to reflect and shine through in the interior schemes created which makes them pretty special. 

Style summary: classic interiors with character and a personalised touch.


18. Sophie Paterson Interiors


Sophie Paterson Interiors are a London based firm who specialise in high-end private residences throughout the world. Formed in 2008 they are a powerhouse on the interior scene and create some beautiful interiors with stunning finishes. 

Style summary: Elegant and delicate luxury residential interiors


19. Alison Rose


A New York designer who holds the art of luxury living and century-old artisanal techniques in high regard, Alison Rose has also created her own furniture and award-winning tile collections. Her designs often feature bold graphic patterns combined with fabulous natural materials such as marble. We recommend heading over to her instagram and website to view more beautiful imagery of completed projects.

Style summary: Timeless authenticity with a passionate aura.


20. LM Design Studio

LM Design studio is an interior consulting and home styling company based in Ålesund, Norway. They create modern rooms with personality and soul. We especially love the references used on their website, 'transforming feelings into reality', that is what every interior should be about.

Style summary: Authentic design with organic elements.


We hope you enjoyed our favourite top 20 of interior designers on Instagram, if you have any suggestions for blog articles that you would find useful then please get in touch via or drop us a DM us @moduttihome on Instagram.