Well after everything the world has been through over the last couple of years, it was amazing to finally be able to attend an in person trade show with some familiar faces and also meet some new friends. We had the privilege of being able to attend one of the worlds greatest design trade fairs in Paris last week and we liked what we saw at Maison Objet. 

Was it smaller than normal? with less suppliers attending? yes...but the resilience and the value of the design community shone bright. We aren't a great advocate of trends as they come and go, but what we saw throughout was a return to nature and a softness of spirit which we think will endure for sometime. Sure there were still some rich bold statements and plush velvets dotted around the venue, but as a whole we saw a considered neutral palette in many places, with seagrass and rattan featuring heavily on many supplier stands.

So what are the key trends for 2022 interiors:

  • - Natural palettes and soft chalky muted tones
  • - Natural materials, seagrass, rattan, bleached and untreated woods & stone
  • - Influences taken from nature and organic forms
  • - Materials built to last & sustainability
  • - Timeless classics 
  • - Home office featuring heavily for obvious reasons
  • - Slight retro vibe with warm burnt orange & moss green as well as greys
  • - Bringing the outdoors in with lots of planting and greenery
  • - Accessible minimalism (we are calling it on this one, this is a softer more comfortable/relaxed version of minimalism) to define further, it is a decluttered zen style interior which is still inviting.

Soft organic shapes on display from Thesign.si the https://www.thesign.si/eng/collections.html


One of our favourite stands which pretty much sums up the interior vibe was Castleline furniture (below image).



Beautiful 101 cophenhagen stand with organic shapes and soft muted tones staying true to their awesome brand ethos.




And finally a combined stand from amadeus, korb lou de casterllane with fabulous chalky tones.

 All in all a great show and we are looking forward to Jan 2022 to see what this new world brings us next!