Calling all interior designers and especially students or indeed anyone interested in 3D design, do you know Blender? Have you heard of it?

I'll be honest, I have known about it for many years but always struggled to start to learn how to use it properly as I presumed it would be difficult. That was until at the start of this year when I finally decided to commit some time to it and now I'm convinced it is one of the most powerful 3D tools, which if you want to learn 3D you should definitely try out!

Reasons why you should use (this isn't a sponsored post!):

1. IT IS FREE....! This still blows my mind. As an opensource community built programme it can be downloaded from and is regularly updated, making it ideal for commercial, personal or educational use (if you can visualise what you want to create in your mind, then you can build it in blender!).

2.It is open source - Supported by a community of very dedicated users who contribute continually to its improvement and development across a diverse range of design sectors. It is constantly evolving thanks to this and also means that many amazing developers create many additional addons and libraries of assets.

3. It runs on any machine - So there are no barriers to entry and the only thing I would say is have a good machine with enough memory/ram and adequate graphics card to keep things fast as some of the renders can take a while otherwise (if you notice it being glitchy and crashing this is usually your machine and not blender).

4. Tutorials - There are literally hundreds out there on youtube as well as blenders own tutorials, but our personal favourite has to be Blender Guru. Andrew Price has the most straightforward and enjoyable teaching style and clearly breaks each step down of the process. Random as it may sound...his 'doughnut' beginners series whilst not interior related will give you the perfect base to understand the fundamentals and make everything easier to grasp going forward for any kind of 3D model...I do however challenge you to not go and buy a bag of doughnuts at the end of the course (it is impossible!). Andrew also has interiors/architecture focused tutorials, but we recommend mastering the doughnut first before progressing to these).

5. Models from other platforms can be converted and used in Blender - This one is great as a lot of furniture manufacturers etc already have 3d libraries which you can investigate and download. And if you need help google always has the answer on how to convert a file type. It also can be used with autocad etc when working from plans or even by inserting photos for reference of existing spaces (possibilities are endless).

6. Assets - Our favourite asset platform for Blender has to be imeshh. With an amazing selection of 3D models it has both free items so you can try out to see if you like and also a straightforward annual subscription model. Blender Guru also has Poligon which has a wealth of materials and models as well.

Interior designers always remember... time is money, so there is no point spending hours creating a single piece of furniture for a design scheme, when that hourly rate spent will equate to much more spent money than the cost of simply buying an asset (think about it time = money) unless its a bespoke piece then look to see if someone has already built it. We cannot stress this point enough, work smart!

Like everything in life in order to get the best of something you need to commit time and effort to it to learn, or if not then just marvel at some of the amazing and insane creations on instagram which you probably thought were real, when in reality they are virtual...

We can't recommend Blender highly enough and its also great for other fields such as product design, animation and even sculpture.

As an example check out the video below from imeshh which whilst chatting about a new render engine actually showcases the most amazing 3D interior model.

If you are a blender artist specialising in interior visualisation then be sure to tag us in on instagram @moduttihome so we can see your work. Also if any questions contact us on 

Happy 3D modelling!